We Have teamed up with 1000 mile Journeys to offer the opportunity to help highlight the plight of one of the worlds most endangered animal the Gobi Bear of Mongolia.

A percentage of the cost of this trip will be paid directly into the Gobi bear Project to help provide a legacy project to provide support awareness and protection of the Gobi Bears.

Travel to the world's remotest  locations to photograph rare and endangered wildlife  in their own habitat. We do this to raise the profile of these endangered animals so these are unique opportunities have limited spaces protect the wildlife and the environment they live within.

Gobi Bear Photography Expedition (Recce ) 

One of the rarest animals in the world with only 20-30 left 

The Gobi Bear Photography Expedition a unique wildlife photography opportunity for adventurous wildlife photographers.

There are still places on this planet of ours where wildlife teeters on the edge of extinction. One of these animals the Gobi bear with possibly only 30 in existence struggles in one of the planets harshest environments the Gobi Desert.

These rare and unique bears cling to life in an area called the Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area(GGSPA), a nature preserve established in 1976 and declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1990.

This area can only be accessed with the express permission of the Mongolian government. We have secured exclusive rights to explore this area and help to highlight the plight of the Gobi Bears and help bring support to the Gobi Bear foundation.

The Gobi Bear Photography Expedition a unique wildlife photography opportunity for adventurous wildlife photographers. Mongolia is the least densely populated country on earth … the place to go if you are looking for solitude, wide open spaces, sunny weather and a true wilderness experience.

It abounds in rare wildlife, with the Gobi Desert boasting a surprising array of large animals including the snow leopard, argali, ibex, wolf and of course the extremely rare Gobi Bear.

The Gobi Desert It is a landscape and wildlife photographer’s paradise. The Gobi Bear is the World’s rarest bear and one of the Worlds most endangered species with scientific studies putting the numbers left at between 30 and 40.

There is very little photography of the Gobi Bear and even less film so this photography expedition offers a unique opportunity to get rare images of this endangered animal.

The Gobi Bears survive in an area in southern Mongolia in the Gobi Strictly Protected Area and until now the only people allowed in to track the Gobi Bear have been scientific research expeditions and film crew from National Geographic to try and film the Gobi Bear.

We have negotiated unique permission to enter this protected area due to our extensive contacts in Mongolia and the future photography expeditions to this area will be used to boost the slim resources of the Gobi Bear Foundation.

On the reconnaissance of the Gobi Bear photography expedition you will be accompanied by three members of the 1000 Mile Journeys Team including Dave Scott a veteran of over 22 expeditions to Mongolia.

Dave is also the Honorary Consul of Mongolia for Scotland and has handled all the negotiations to get this unique access and permissions.

Pete Syme 1000 Mile Journeys founder who walked across 1200 miles of the Gobi Desert on foot in 51 days and is going back in 2016 to attempt a 50 day crossing will also be on the expedition.

Final member of the 1000 Mile Journeys team is Stewart Richardson a veteran of countless expeditions and our in house expedition photographer

Future Gobi Bear Photography and Filming Expeditions

2015 Sept Recce £2000 (reduced fee for recce) 

2015 Oct/Nov 2 weeks £4000

2016 March/April 2 weeks £4000

2016 Oct/Nov 2 weeks £4000

A percentage of all expeditions will be paid directly into the Gobi Bear Project (formally known as the Gobi Bear Foundation) to help support and provide protection to these unique and endangered Gobi Bears 

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